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It's Been A long Strange Trip So Far

You’ve just found the most unusual Rare Bookstore in this quadrant of the universe! At Xenophile Bibliopole & Armorer, Chronopolis, we’re really into Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror in all their manifestations. Here you will find first editions, pulps, collectible paperbacks, even common readers; not to mention, movie posters, movie props and merchandise tie-ins. But that's not all we also emphasize mysteries, technical books and history! We have been collecting books and memorabilia for decades and now our moms say we have to have a yard sale- so we built a bookstore, take that mom! If you like the exotic, the strange or the other worldly or just a good read... Come and explore our store today!

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The Store of Dreams

 is Now Open


“Xenophile, Bibliopole, Armorer, & Chronopolis” – The name is as unique as the business.


By no means is this your average used book store, the XBAC is the “dream becomes a reality” for Steven Woolfolk and his lifelong hobby/obsession.


Steve has collected books, rare first editions, paperbacks, pulps, movie posters and Science Fiction toys and memorabilia for 40 years. Now, he has opened the vaults and is offering these rare and unusual items for sale at his 2240 Robertson Drive location.


Located in the city of Richland Horn Rapids Industrial Park, the unassuming 6,000 square foot building’s exterior belies the unique, treasures within. Perhaps the globe street lamps imported from Brooklyn, New York or the five-foot twin gargoyles flanking the driveway suggest something special here.


Among the items for sale: Books: Science Fiction, Mystery, General Fiction, Non-fiction and Technical; Posters, Original Art, Toys, Collectibles and Ephemera, signed copies and First editions are available. There is a rare book room which contains examples from the 1600’s.


As a Health Physicist at the Hanford Vitrification Project, Steve has a natural interest in all things atomic. It is not surprising to find a micro-museum of the Manhattan project’s legacy here, too.  Beneath the glass-topped Conference room table are displayed letters from General Leslie Groves, Robert Oppenheimer and, yes, Albert Einstein, There is even a plastic encased vial of fused glass sample taken from ground zero at the Trinity Site in New Mexico.


Whether you are a collector, a gleaner or just looking for a special gift, you must experience the wonderful wares at Xenophile, Bibliopole, Armorer, & Chronopolis. 2240 Robertson Drive, just off the Vantage highway.


We’ll meet you by the gargoyles!

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Thu- Sat: 11am - 5pm


By Appointment or Chance

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2240 Robertson Drive
Richland, WA 99354


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Left Side

Its like Deja Vu all over again only reversed.

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Right Side

Welcome to the Eclectic Company, my friends! What you see here is three lifetimes of collecting and five years of building, organizing and displaying. This is but the end of the beginning. See if you can find the three faces of Sonja Lovecraft our only full time employee. This tour was produced on March 16, 2022.

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